Mid 97 KC User's Outing

Venue: Baritone Brasserie, Freyberg Place
Date: Saturday 5th July 1997
Organiser: Jonathan Histed
Impressions: The KC dinner attendees had a room to themselves. The menu had pages each devoted to a different country in Europe, though most present had the schnitzel. Suad was dealing in CDROMs. The chief bottle-washer (dgd) failed to turn up, complaining about overwork in the garden.

The Catholic and Stuart The Nice (tm)

Blue shirts seem to have been in vogue..
Todd S.
Wayne S.

Richard H.
Jono B.

That is Suad M. under Wayne's waving fingers - obviously an animated discussion

Russell, Jonathan, Peter G. (foreground) and PC

Jono, Nigel B., Wendy, Stuart (standing), errr, Todd, Peter and idunno

Russell watching Jonathan pocket the proceeds!


Of course there were others present who managed to avoid being caught on film - lucky beggars.